Famous writer Vlad the Bear

Do you know that many famous writers used to work together with their wives? I think that's great and I can imagine easily being a personal editor of Vlad the Bear. I think he could be a good writer. May be we could write some bestseller like Garry Potter. We could be even celebrities. You know, I look great on photos and I don't know other famous owls... or bears. Oh! We could be the first owl and bear who got Oscar for the best scenario! What a great idea!!! It remained only to explain to Bear that he should become a writer...


Vlad the Bear and little Owl have a cool friend Horned Owl who lives in Los Angeles. Bear and Owl came to see Horned Owl this summer. They liked walking together along Venice Beach and taking Moscow Mules in the bars... Just never fly if you had some drinks!

Hey Horned Owl! Miss you :)


Burning Man day!

The greatest impressions from USA trips are always from Burning Man! Music, dancing, people in the desert, art cars and lots more - everything what bears and owls love!

P.S. Never try to draw with fluorescent Copic markers if you are going to scan your pics - scanner just  simply cannot see these colors. So, I had to spend some time saving bear's costume (had to take a photo of it and to put a costume from the photo on the bear on the scanned picture).


Surfing bear!

Bali is perfect for surfing and Vlad the Bear couldn't miss an opportunity to become a surfer! What can be better than surfing on the ocean's waves? And owls don't even need a surf to touch a green wave with a tip of the wing!

... But waves are treacherous and it's not so easy to ride them...

And... Bali series!!!!

I found some of my very first pictures! I draw them on Bali and I didn't have markers there so these pics weren't finished. But now I have markers and as soon as these pictures get colors they will get here into a brand new gallery 'Bali series'.

This one is the first of this series - Vlad the Bear meets amazing birds who lived under the roof of his Balinese house. Every morning he was getting awake by their beautiful songs but he couldn't find them as they were hiding (of course they were - have you ever seen a bear? he can appear a rather scaring if you don't know how kind he is). But at last they became good friends for each other - Russian bear and Balinese birds.


I admire all kinds of flights and of course I love flying along the road in some funny car! Road-trips are awesome! Landscapes changing, going to the horizon, wind in your feathers through the open windows! And California provides really breathtaking views for these trips!

Hot or cold?

It's not easy to live with a hairy bear in the cold country - he always feels hot and opens all the windows! Hey, my feathers can't warm me up the same way!


Just found some unfinished pics for artistic flashmob Doodlastic June'15. Think should finish those ones at least. This one is the first of them - quick pic for the theme 'Recipe'.