about this blog

I was born on Bali and spent most of my life in Moscow, Russia, where I met my helpmate Vlad the Bear. I know what you think! Bears are clumsy and shaggy and they don't pair with fragile feathered owls. And if you think so, you have never tried a bear hug!

I like traveling and recently I moved to Vancouver, Canada. So in this blog you can find my impressions and memories from different countries and small pics of my daily owlish life. Hope they will get you several smiles.

     Yours,                                                                                                         Little Owl


Hi! I'm Dasha and I'm the author of this small 'Vlad the Bear and little Owl' art project.

Of course all the pictures are drawn by the little Owl but I help a bit - buy her markers for example. You know, they don't sell markers to owls in the shops. Not fair, huh?

So if you have any questions or suggestions you can always reach me by email (see that small envelope in the bottom of the page?) or leave comments in the blog here or in one of the project's social accounts (see them in the bottom also).