Relationship issues

We're all different and it's not always easy to adjust (nobody can know better than owl living with a bear). What always drives me crazy is how we need different time to calm down after a tiff - I really can't just start laughing just a minute after. But a half-pint of ice-cream usually helps :)

Hibernation season

Owl's dreams

Hey! I was out for a while and now I'm back with a new series :) It's Owl's dreams and it's about some my thoughts and fantasies, and I'm not always in there.

The first one is a kind of Vlad the Bear's joke. He says the penguins are watching airplanes taking off and when airplanes are high in the sky, the penguins are falling on their backs (because it's not so easy to look at something high in the sky if you're a penguin, and just the same with getting back on your feet). So stations in Antarctica have to hire a special employee particularly to turn over the penguins back after all the takeoffs. 

Yes, I understand that nobody can believe it. But it still would be a dream job :)

A new comic strip

I haven't posted anything for a while - but t's not because I stopped drawing! Actually I'm taking classes to draw better :) So I promise to try and do better with keeping my blog updated. And I'll show some studies behind the curtain also :)

For now I have this comic strip finished at last - I started it a month ago! It's about my snowboarding lessons and my patient teacher :)

Where does the Bear work?

Vlad the Bear works in a film industry and it’s a tough business. It’s really not easy to succeed in it and If you are successful, you should watch your back and beware even of fountain pens!

Just kidding 😃 It's tough but not dangerous (if you aren’t a stunt man of course).

Day of the Dead Scene

Have you seen the last James Bond film? I went to cinema for it because of the Day of the Dead scene in the beginning. I heard that several hundreds of actors in carnival costumes and make-up took part in this scene. But to be honest, I was a bit disappointed with it - there were much more explosions and skirmishes than celebrations in the scene.

So it's my small version how I imagine Day of the Dead in Mexico. Hope I'll be able to see it myself to make an updated version of the pic and to compare :)

Sunset in Vancouver

Vancouver is an amazing city. Before moving here, I never could imagine living in the place where ocean meets mountains. And I can see that vancouverites feel a natural beauty of this land the same way I feel it. There are benches in all the beautiful places and they are always set in such a way to see majestic ocean waters, or numerous lakes rife with efficient otters, beavers and various birds, or centuries-old blue mountains. 

My the most favorite places are small beaches with logs scattered on the sand. You can seat silently feeling wooden surface with your fingertips and wait for sun to sink into the ocean. If you are quiet and sharp-eyed enough (especially when it comes to your mind’s eye), may be you can see a whale waiting for sunset in the dark water. And if you can see him, may be you can wait for sunset together.

Burning Man evening

Owl: Every evening at Burning Man I feel how the day heat changes to the night cold in several minutes. You have to change quickly into a night costume and this one must be really warm! I envy the Bear for his thick fur - he really wears his yellow fur waistcoat only because he likes it!

Author: Actually the little Owl shows off here a bit. Of course we wear maxi-length fur coat with a hood... but believe me, it's never undone! And moreover we always have thermo leggings and a long sleeve under this coat!

Day of the Dead

Owl: I admire costumes and costume parties and this year I had the first Halloween in my life (it's not such a big holiday in Moscow unfortunately) and it was unbelievable! So now I have a new dream - I'm going to get to a huge holiday - Day of the Dead in Mexico! And you bet I'll have amazing costumes for me and Vlad the Bear! 

Author: As you can guess, I'm going there with the little Owl. My birthday is October 30, so it's one more reason to throw a looong party! :) And I think this picture should start a new series in the Gallery - Owl's future trips (because every dream will become a reality if you believe... and help it with realization a bit :) ).

Skating Owl

Owl: People in Vancouver really like winter sports. It's easy to understand as they have lots of snow not far from home and don't have it in the city so they can't be tired of it. I didn't like be in the street in winter in Russia but here it's kind of funny! Bear admires snowboarding and does it really good so he tried to talk me into snowboarding... But I decided that we should be both beginners and offered to start with skating. So what to you think? He just skates as though he always did it! Such a crying injustice!

Author: Owl is exaggerating as always :) And I can take a lid off her small secret - she has tried snowboarding eventually!

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Coriander hidden

Owl: It never works to ask Vlad the Bear to buy some food on his way home. He disappears for hours and never brings all the items. Especially if you ask him to buy coriander. He has never brought it! Not once! And he keeps telling me that somebody has hidden it in the store so he hasn't managed to find it! Can you believe it?

Author: Actually I have two different keys to this mystery. Either Vlad the Bear doesn't know what 'coriander' is... or there is a real conspiracy of the hidden coriander! 

Rainy day in Vancouver

Owl: I think that an umbrella isn't enough to protect my feathers from the rain. Especially if I'm walking with the Bear.  If Vlad the Bear likes walking in the rain so much why should he share my umbrella with me? It's too small for both of us (actually it's too small even for him without me). May be a cool raincoat and an umbrella will do good together.

Author: I don't know what's about owlish raincoats, but I have seen yellow one for me in the shop. May be it can help my shoulder which is wet every time when somebody shares my umbrella with me... 

Burning Man morning

Owl: Early morning in Kin-Dza-Dza camp at Burning Man. Tea ceremony was great and it was really nice to find tea lovers in this early hour!

Author: This night was really cold and hot tea and nice company saved at least one owlish life :) Hope to have more tea next year - tea room hostess Zhenya arranges tea ceremonies at Burning Man every year!

Orange color for Doodlastic

Owl: And I continue add colors to old pictures! This one was 'Orange color' theme.

Author: I tried coloured pencils for this picture to make Bear more hairy and I really like the result as bears never can't be too shaggy for me :)

One more old picture - 'Poppy'

Owl: I've finished this one at last! 'Poppy' theme for old flashmob Doodlastic - it's been over half a year ago :)

Author: Should I tell Owl that poppy-seed for her buns recipe can be bought in the shop? Let Vlad the Bear will tell her - I think he knows :)

Christmas tree

Owl: Did you have a Christmas tree at home? We had a huge one! I couldn't decorate the upper twigs by myself! That's great that I had Vlad the Bear helping me :)

Author: My Christmas tree (big green plastic one) is in Moscow with all the decorations (I had golden, silver and transparent balls with pastes and spangles, colored felt toys - small snowmen, santa clauses and trees, golden and silver beads and white lights - every decoration chosen by myself)... but it's not sad at all as I can draw a brand-new Christmas tree! I think little Owl likes this one :)

Owl in the boots

Owl: What does every owl need if she lives in Vancouver? Or no matter where she lives... Every owl needs a nice pair of boots! And believe me it's not so easy to find a perfect one!

Author: At last I've got Internet! Hope you missed the little Owl a bit :)

Duck watching

Owl: Vancouver is great if your want to see wild nature. You can go for whale watching or even bear watching but I couldn't find any owl watching or any bird watching! There are so many ducks here - why not to get to them closer and watch them?

Author: I think that ducks in Vancouver aren't afraid of watchers at all. You can see them in every tiny park and get to them really close - they don't pay any attention! So Owl and Bear just overdid their preparations a bit :)

Rain in Vancouver

Owl: It's really rainy in Vancouver. Bears aren't afraid of water but little Owl doesn't like it at all - can you fly when all your feathers are wet?

Author: I can understand the Owl easily! I also have a fancy yellow umbrella and my 'bear' never takes his own umbrella so we use my small one together. Guess who gets one wet shoulder?

Bear and Owl on the beach in Santa Barbara

Do you know a little cozy city Santa Barbara in California? It's awesome! Spanish style houses, palms and Stearns Wharf with seagulls and pelicans! We even saw seals in the evening! And nice beach is wonderful to rest and watch the waves...

P.S. It's so strange but there aren't Copic markers refills for the most of colors in Vancouver. Only about two dozens colors! Had to order refill for the bear color from the factory in Japan - can you imagine? Up to 2 months for delivery. So now Vlad the Bear has a bit another shade of brown - we'll count it for suntan after Burning Man in Nevada desert :)